About Us

Schake Industries was founded in 1997 focusing on industrial coatings, but the vision from the beginning was to be more than a painting company. Eventually growing into a manufacturer of spiral aluminum silos, above-ground storage tanks, and hydraulic, lubrication and pneumatic systems shipping both domestically and internationally, we continue to invest in new equipment, talented employees and technology to improve product quality and lower costs, ensuring that we can meet our customers’ business challenges now and in the future.

Schake has grown into the diverse company we are because of our quality products and services, commitment to finding solutions for our customers, and the values we apply to our business relationships. We take pride in the strong customer relationships we have built and the fact that we are still working with all of our original customers. We are dedicated not only to sustaining those relationships, but to building new ones as Schake Industries grows and adapts to our customers’ needs.

There are no shortcuts at Schake when it comes to quality, which, along with honesty, integrity and commitment, is a keystone of our company. The quality of our products and services is second to none, because of our skilled, experienced and dedicated employees. You will find our employees in all of the Schake Divisions to be skilled, helpful, friendly, dependable and attentive to your business’ needs.

Schake Silo Division was established in 2005 with the acquisition of equipment and personnel from a local manufacturer. Over the years, we have dedicated considerable resources to improving the manufacturing process, which has allowed us to offer a better product at a more competitive price. We continue to invest in our spiral silo division, making sure that our products remain on the cutting-edge of the industry and that we are able to employ the newest technologies available to a silo owner.

Schake Hydraulic Division was created in 2009 and utilizes our engineering staff’s more than 40 years of experience in designing and re-engineering a wide range of hydraulic and related equipment. Our in-house capabilities include design, repair, custom manifold design, fabrication, painting, grit blasting, mechanical/electro-mechanical assembly, testing and reverse engineering of obsolete components. Our core competency is in 500 psi to 8000psi hydraulic systems, lubrication systems, pneumatic systems, water cooling skids, nitrogen stands and accumulators.

Schake Tank Division was added to the Schake Industries lineup in 2010 when we acquired the assets, personnel and expertise of an above ground storage tank company, complementing our existing spiral aluminum silo services. Our experienced field crews and dedicated field equipment allows us to meet all of your silo and above-ground storage tank construction and repair needs.

Details on the products and services offered by each of the Schake Divisions can be found on the Schake Silo, Schake Tank and Schake Hydraulic websites. We welcome the opportunity to help you find a solution to meet your business’ needs. Call or e-mail our team using the contact information located in the right sidebar area of this and every Schake website.